Save and invest your money smartly with Betterment

I've always been a personal finance snob (thanks to my mom working at a bank all my life) and I've recently gotten back into that habit in full force. Thankfully, the rise of online services have only made saving, investing and banking so much easier.

Banks like Simple give you a seamless connection between your funds, savings goals and your mobile phone. But services like FutureAdvisor and Betterment take things a step further and help you save for the ultimate goal -- your retirement.

Today, however, it's Betterment that I want to feature. Even though Betterment can handle your retirement funds, you can also use it like a savings account. Instead of saving money and earning very little interest at your bank, use Betterment to safely invest for more appreciation. The boys at Listen, Money Matters agree.

Betterment takes your funds and manages them for you based on your risk-level arrangement. Use it to save for a house, a car or retirement. Its website is top-notch, as is the mobile app.

If you've been scared of entering the investment world, let Betterment guide you.


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