Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

To celebrate single issues of Saga hitting comic book shelves once again this week, I'm going to launch Enjoy These by referring this wonderful comic book series written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Fiona Staples.

Haven't heard of the award-winning Saga? From Image, its publisher:

Saga is an epic space opera/fantasy comic book series created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples... It depicts two lovers from long-warring extraterrestrial races, Alana and Marko, fleeing authorities from both sides of a galactic war as they struggle to care for their newborn daughter, Hazel, who occasionally narrates the series.

The series has been recommended by everyone, so shame on you if you haven't already been reading. The story is fantastic -- beautifully crafted by one of the comic industry's best writers. And the art, well, just take a look at the covers below. Ms. Staples deserves all of the high praise she has received as well.

Do yourself a favor and snatch up the first three volumes, then visit a local shop or a digital retailer (Image or Comixology) to read along monthly. You won't regret it.