Runaways: The Complete Collection, Vol. 1

Brian K. Vaughan's name is obviously well-known throughout the comics industry. Thanks to his recent hits, Saga and The Private Eye, he and his collaborators (Fiona Staples and Marcos Martin, respectively) have brought all sorts of attention to the industry with fantastic storytelling.

BKV's mind has produced so much strong work outside of the big two that it's oftentimes easy to forget about the mark he left at both Marvel and DC. My favorite work of his at Marvel was Runaways -- put simply, a group of children who find out their parents are part of an evil organization dubbed 'The Pride'.

If you haven't read the series, or simply want to add it to your collection, Marvel just released a volume 1 of the complete collection, featuring issues 1-18 of BKV's run.

In various letters columns of his current titles, BKV talks fondly of his time with Runaways and comments that he does keep up with the characters. Like the rest of us, he's anticipating an up-and-coming writer that can revive the team and get them to the forefront once more (a quick reminder that Marvel did at one point contemplate a Runaways movie).

Oh, and while you're at it, go ahead and pre-order volume 2.


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