Unread for iPad

When Google shut down Reader, pundits everywhere claimed the death of RSS. Since then, however, services like Feedly and Feed Wrangler emerged and a thriving app market to access both hit the app store shelves.

Unread, an iPhone app released a few months back, introduced beautiful swiping and a simplistic fullscreen reading experience for your feeds. Its presentation led many to leave Reeder behind (not me, yet, though I do use both). It was only natural that an iPad version wouldn't be too far behind.

Well, wait no more. Unread for iPad hit the store today and brings the same reading style to your larger screen. It's all the same features you may have come to love as an iPhone user. It's not as fully customizable in the sharing space like Mr. Reader, but that doesn't hold it back from it does well.

While using Unread for iPad, it feels like you're already viewing your article in Pocket or Instapaper. The simplicity really does stand out. If you want to just read your news, with no distractions, this is the RSS reader for you.