Keep track of upcoming movies with TodoMovies 3

I've stated before how much I enjoy apps that do one thing well. Today's feature, TodoMovies 3, is another one of those beautiful iOS apps.

Between movies, TV shows, comic books, podcasts and general reading, I consume a great deal of content. And yes, it's very hard to keep track of. With each instance, I rely on an app to do all that heavy lifting for me. In terms of movies, it took me a while to find a simple app that could solve all of my issues.

I finally did find it, though, in Taphive's TodoMovies.

TodoMovies lets you discover upcoming (or older) movies. Details, trailers and everything else are listed, but the beauty lies in the one-touch add to your "watch" list. Once there, you can set a reminder to be notified of the movie's release.

When done, move it to your "watched" list and go about your day. It's that simple.

The simplicity may not work for everyone, but it's all I needed.