Launcher for iOS 8

Originally dismissed for the AppStore by Apple, Launcher made its return last week to provide iOS 8 users quick access to handy (and more powerful) shortcuts with a swipe via a handy today widget.

Via the developer:

  • Call, message, email, and facetime the people you contact the most.
  • Get directions home or search for nearby restaurants, coffee shops wherever you are.
  • Quickly access your favorite web sites.
  • Perform actions within a number of apps. Send a Yo, Run a Workflow, fire off a canned message or email, tweet, and more.
  • Launch your most frequently used apps -- thousands of apps built-in.

Honestly, some of my most-used shortcuts thus far have been very basic. For instance, I can launch directly into the Wifi and Bluetooth settings list rather than navigating through the settings page.

Grab Launcher for your iPhone and/or iPad today.