Fantastical - for all Apple platforms & devices

Thanks to Flexibits releasing version 2.1 for both the iPhone and iPad version, there's no better time than now to recommend using Fantastical as your calendar of choice for all of your Apple devices.

Official release notes from Flexibits can be found here for the iPhone and iPad. Before even reading, just go purchase and try for yourself. Links below:

  • iPhone - currently $4.99
  • iPad - currently $9.99
  • Mac - currently $9.99

The biggest feature of Fantastical has always been its parsing language, which can take just about any input and register it real time on your calendar. When it came to the smaller screen, the scrolling day ticker was a welcomed design element to a calendar app.

Add in Reminders integration, as well as a solid URL scheme for use with Launch Center Pro and Fantastical is the best solution for beginners and advanced users to manage calendars on the go.

Don't believe me? Take The Sweet Setup's advice then.