Drafts 4 available today on iOS

One of the most popular productivity apps on the iOS platform released its iOS 8 update today. Drafts 4, which allows you to 'quickly capture notes, (and) share anywhere', is now available.

The update from Agile Tortoise brings a ton of new features. Honestly, there are too many to even list here. And if you aren't sure what Drafts actually is, here's a brief overview.

Drafts is a quick capture note taking app for iPhone and iPad. Drafts launches ready to type, making it quick and easy to capture thoughts, status updates or anything else on the go. After capture, Drafts provides a powerful array of highly customizable “actions” to send text to email, messages, events, Dropbox, Evernote, social media, other apps – making it an indispensible tool for anyone trying to be productive on iOS.

The beauty of Drafts lies in its simplicity. Open it, type your note, and send it where it belongs. It's that easy. And now with extensions and widgets, Drafts is available at every turn of iOS.