COSMOS leather remote control holder

Between your TV, sound system, game system and Roku/Fire TV/Apple TV, no doubt a clutter of remotes has made its way to your coffee table. It had for me, and it was quite annoying.

Enter the COSMOS leather remote control holder. This leather remote control caddy has been an elegant, and effective, solution.

Not everyone is keen on the unified remotes, or using apps to control all their devices -- you can count me a part of that group. To rectify the clutter of the coffee table, a quick Amazon search led me to this simple, and cheap, product

The holder features three compartments that can easily hold any sort of controller. Mine, for example, holds the TV remote, sound bar remote, Fire TV remote, cable box remote and my Nexus 7. It's been a miracle thus far, collecting all of these into a single location on the coffee table for quick access.

If you've been having the same troubles as me, you should consider giving this a shot.