Grid-It Organizer

The last time that I traveled, I left behind an iPhone charger. I then realized as well that when packing for a trip, I scramble to find all the right cables/gadgets that I need.

Because of those issues, I decided I needed to make a travel kit and I began looking for the best organizer to keep all of my stuff. I settled on the Grid-It Organizer you see below. To build my travel pack, I've had to acquire some cables and plugs to use only for travel so I don't have to worry about leaving anything behind, but the process began with the Grid-It.

The Grid-It Organizer allows you to fit everything you need in a variety of ways, using its system to format the organizer to fit your style. It even comes in many different sizes, or as a sleeve.

I slid my updated travel pack right into my bag last week when I traveled to Chicago -- it worked perfectly. I can't recommend this enough.