Below, I'm recommending a simple DVI cable from AmazonBasics. Overall, however, I'm recommending that you just give anything AmazonBasics a shot if you're in the need for a simple product.

I recently was given a second monitor for my PC -- nothing fancy at all, just a routine flat-panel monitor that wasn't being used that I could give a new home. To run the dual-monitor setup, I needed a DVI cable. Wanting to get things moving, I went shopping at my local stores for instant gratification. I should have known better.

  • Best Buy -- the cheaper Dynex version was sold out. The Insignia brand was $25. Obvioulsy not worth it for a such a simple cable.
  • Target -- lots of HDMI cables, but no DVI.
  • Staples -- a DVI connector for $45!

As I walked out of Staples, I fired up Amazon's app and ordered the below AmazonBasics DVI cable for $8.99. Thanks to Prime, it arrived two days later via free shipping. Lesson learned.

Give AmazonBasics a shot -- there's a lot there, and it's not just tech.